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Policies on upkeep of Temple Sanctum Sanctorum

  • 1. Only those alankara murthis recommended and approved by the management, will be permanently placed in Sanctum Sanctorum area.
  • 2. None other than priest(s) of the temple are allowed in the Sanctum Sanctorum area. At the request of the priest, devotees can enter Sanctum Sanctorum to assist priest(s) during and/or in preparation for temple activities. Persons entering the Sanctum Sanctorum area, at the request of the priest(s), should observe the reverence for the murthis.
  • 3. Decoration of the murthis is done by priests only, unless requested for assistance.
  • 4. All alankara's of the murthis and decoration of sanctum area is to be approved by the management, in consultation with the priest(s).
  • 5. Based on the requests from the priest(s), a sign up sheet will be posted by the management for gift giving.
  • 6. All gifts (in-kind) for the alankaranam of the murthis or decoration of the sanctum area are to be pre-approved by the management.
  • 7. Solicitation of gift(s), of any kind, for the use of the temple is not allowed by priests(s), without informing the management.
  • 8. Priest(s) may accept clothes from devotees for an offer to a murthi but must return the clothes to the devotee after blessings. The devotee may opt to take back those clothes or the temple will receive it and make an inventory of the gift and store. The temple will have the complete right for such gifts and can auction those items at a later date or give away as gifts at special functions. All such transaction will be properly documented.
  • 9. Vuthsava murthis, recommended by the priest(s), will be procured by the temple management, or a request will be made for gift giving. Devotees may donate money towards the purchase of the murthi(s) or provide (new) murthi to the specifications made by the management.
  • 10. Vuthsava murthis are inventoried and stored in a safe location, specified by the management.
  • 11. Vuthsava murthi will be placed for worship, at a designated location, for special poojas.
  • 12. The Vuthsava murthis will be returned after the Pooja is complete and after the display time approved by the management. The display times are recommended by the priest(s) to the management.
  • 13. Priest(s) are responsible for maintaining cleanliness of the Sanctum area and where special poojas are being performed.
  • 14. Priest(s) should observe, at all times, sanitary, public health, and safety regulations necessary to run the temple, at all worship areas.
  • 15. Any questions regarding this policy should be addressed with the President or Steering Committee Chair of the Temple, by calling temple at (559) 325-7770