Facilities available for rent

Policy on Renting Dining Facility (Old Temple Area)

General Instructions for renting the facility:

  • 1. Food served at the parties/social gathering organized at the facility should meet temple criteria (only vegetarian food and no alcoholic beverages).
  • 2. Sponsors organizing the event are responsible for all party supplies and paper goods
  • 3. Sponsors are responsible for setting up and cleaning the place before and after the event. If the place is left dirty, the sponsors will be charged $50/- cleaning fee, deducted from the security deposit ($50/-), payable at the time reservation is made. Reservations are to be made, at least a week prior to the event.
  • 4. Reservation for Dining Facility should be made through Temple Events Committee Chair or his/her designee.
  • 5. Sponsor is totally responsible for any incidence that may lead to a liability and should sign standard “No Harm and Liability Assurance Form”, prior to the event.

Dining Facility usage charges:

  • 1. Meetings: $75.00 for the first three hours and $25/- for each additional hour.
  • 2. Birthday parties and all other gatherings: $100/ for the first four hours and $25/- for each additional hour.

Temple Guest Room Policy

Purpose: Temple Guest Room provides temporary accommodation for the guests who provide spiritual discourses/activities during their stay at the temple.

Reserving the Guest Room : Devotee(s) sponsoring a spiritual discourse or activity can make a request on behalf of the guest. Such a request should be made to the Temple Management, in advance, prior to the sponsored event, by completing "Guest Room Request Form".

General Rules:

  • 1. Accommodation is only for the length of stay necessary for providing spiritual discourses/activities at the temple. Such a stay can not exceed more than a week, during a calendar year. Prior approval of the management is necessary for any extension of stay.
  • 2. Accommodation is limited only to an individual and not families.
  • 3. Only the guest, with reservation made, can live in the accommodation provided.
  • 4. Guests are required to observe the temple rules relating to the sanctity of the temple, while living on temple premises.
  • 5. Any damages to the guest quarters will be the responsibility of the sponsors.